CCD16 – Extension Cable for MCD6 (CLEARANCE ITEM)

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CCD16 is a 16-Foot extension cable for CD Changer (MCD6)

$39.95 $11.95

Surface Mount Amplified Docking Station for iPods®. Auxiliary Input available to accommodate direct audio input from other audio resources/media players. Vibration-proof design. Low power consumption. Can be connected directly to speakers and volume control can be managed independently from the iPod®. It can be interfaced with other audio systems and it can function as a in multi-room system when linked with other iBoat DHP docking station. Please note: iPod® not included.

  • Auto Power On/Off
  • Reverse polarity and Overload protection circuitry
  • Front LED lights for volume and balance indicators
  • 1 AUX input
  • 1 AUX output
  • iPod® and iPhone® recharge capability
  • In multi-room mode: the signal of one iPod® can be received in different rooms equipped with other iBoat DHP docking station.
  • Cables included
  • Speaker cables included
  • iPod ® adapter cup included
$559.95 $249.95

Allows the remote installation of RD-44 heads, up to 60’ from the MRD-70 source. Features waterproof connectors with our exclusive “pull-thru” caps.


The MCD-6 CD Changer holds six of your favorite CDs for your uninterrupted listening pleasure. And with the shock resistant CD mechanism you can still hear your favorite music even while crashing the big ones.

$299.95 $92.95

The RD-44 is designed to control the audio functions and sources of the MRD-70 marine radio. It features a backlit digital display and keypad that dim automatically at night.  With versatile mounting options, the RD-44 can be installed up to 60 feet away from the radio in a variety of positions.

  • Full control of audio functions and sources
  • 32 character back lighted display
  • Self dimming for night use
  • Back lighted key pad
  • Flush panel or gimbal bracket mount options
  • Infrared remote control
  • DIN cable connection for MRD-70
  • Available in Gray (Part# RD44G) and Black (Part# RD44B) color
$129.95 $38.95

Connection module for expanding the MRD-70 or RD-44 to multi zones. The watertight DIN connectors are easy to connect. Just plug and play up to 3 additional zones.

$89.95 $23.95

The new PolyPlanar SFS-101 Flip-Up Spa Speakers are designed to provide a waterproof speaker for spa skirt installation that can be used while in the spa and for patio listening while the spa is covered.

  • Sleek styling purpose built for spa skirt mounting
  • Easy Installation
  • Two drivers in each flip-up speaker
  • UV resistant ASA plastic construction for years of trouble free service
  • Heavily built S/S hinge, all metal parts either made from S/S or coated for corrosion resistance
$169.95 $49.95