ICC Extension Cable for MRD70/RD44 (CLEARANCE ITEM)

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Allows the remote installation of RD-44 heads, up to 60’ from the MRD-70 source. Features waterproof connectors with our exclusive “pull-thru” caps.


The RD-44 is designed to control the audio functions and sources of the MRD-70 marine radio. It features a backlit digital display and keypad that dim automatically at night.  With versatile mounting options, the RD-44 can be installed up to 60 feet away from the radio in a variety of positions.

  • Full control of audio functions and sources
  • 32 character back lighted display
  • Self dimming for night use
  • Back lighted key pad
  • Flush panel or gimbal bracket mount options
  • Infrared remote control
  • DIN cable connection for MRD-70
  • Available in Gray (Part# RD44G) and Black (Part# RD44B) color
$129.95 $38.95